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Hard Pressed but Not Crushed in the Pandemic:

I unbuckled and climbed out of my front seat to crouch in the space between our daughter and son. I looked up at my one- and two-year-old children strapped into their car seats and wondered how I could best protect them from the storm raging around us, rocking our vehicle as we tried to drive to safety.

We were in the middle of nearly 100 mile-per-hour winds, flash flooding, downed trees and power lines, ambulances screeching, widespread power outages, and little visibility. I needed to calm them from the sound of the driving rain and shrieking sirens and the sight of rogue objects flying in front of our windshield. Cars around us were veering and braking suddenly as huge branches were ripped from trees and falling on the road in front of us.

“How can I get us to safety if we crash and my husband dies?” Even the toys cutting into my knees could not distract me from my racing thoughts. “How can I cover them both with my body?”